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Love Letter for Me from You

Nothing can ever melt my heart like this one… written by Aisha (8 yr 6 mths)

Here in Indonesia, we speak Indonesian… not English.
And this letter has successfully made my eyes filled with tears.
Even though the writer strongly said not to cry.

But these eyes filled with tears of joy
Joy of being blessed by having this thoughtful little writer
Who can write the beautiful letter like this

I’m proud to have you as a daughter, my dear
And I’m sure your daddy too, because he’s watching you from above

Dear little writer, can I tell you something…
You write like your daddy
Always choosing words that made me flattered
Or maybe he also whispered those words to you, my dear little writer 🙂

Never stop writing, my dear little writer
I love you to the moon and back

*love letter written by Aisha, my dearest daughter, age 8,5 years.